There’s More To Poetry Than Just Words On A Page

Words, schmurds. Where are the numbers? Anyone who loves baseball knows that everything tastes better with a sprinkle of statistics!

Throughout the Madness! 2012 tournament, I will post some fun statistics whenever I have a chance. Here is your first hit:

As you might expect, the better the “seed” for a word, the fewer

Did Someone Mention Madness?

Thank you to Doraine Bennett for hosting Poetry Friday this week and for posting her interview with Laura Purdie Salas at her blog.



Laura was the very first person to sign up for the Madness! 2012 poetry tournament (see left sidebar).

Now, just three weeks later, 58 of 64

Madness! Writing 126 New Children’s Poems in 21 Days

“No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” — Aristotle

Every March, like many Americans, I cannot help but get caught up in college basketball’s year end championship tournament. Even if I hadn’t paid a lick of attention all season, how can I not watch? It’s March Madness!!! (Sorry CBS, we’re never gonna