Sweet Sixteen? How About Sweet 16,000!

The Regional Finals for March Madness Poetry 2013 are underway! Eight authletes are competing to reach The Final Four; all contests will be decided by Tuesday night, and YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Visit the Live Scoreboard or go directly to any of the four matchups from this slider:

PEAK MADNESS! All 64 First Round Poems Now Up For Vote

Spread the word! Far and wide! “We’ve reach our poetry HIGH TIDE!”

All 64 first round poems created during #MMPoetry 2013 are now available for vote. I’ve read them all — and I will say without reservation that they are INCREDIBLE. What #MMPoetry authletes are able to do in such a short span of time

Uh Oh! Round 1 Flight 1 Voting Delayed

Due to changing work circumstances, it is going to be difficult for me to post the poems and polls in a timely fashion this morning. They may trickle in throughout the day, but some may not end up getting posted until late tonight. I apologize for this, but not much I can do. It will