Announcing the #MMPoetry 2014 Authletes!

MMPoetry March Madness Poetry 2014 Logo

The full roster of March Madness Poetry 2014 authletes was unveiled in the Selection Sunday video on March 2nd. Stop by to congratulate and/or heckle this year’s authletes! Video runs 7:27.

#MMPoetry 2014: Announcing The “First Five” Authletes

MMPoetry 2014 First Five Authletes

I ran a little promotion on my Facebook page and yada yada yada it’s now time to make an early announcement of five #MMPoetry 2014 authletes! Click on relevant parts of the image to learn more about the event, visit the authletes, or to apply to March Madness Poetry 2014 yourself!

The #MMPoetry 2014 Authlete Application Window IS OPEN!

MMPoetry March Madness Poetry 2014 Logo

“The biggest tournament of children’s poetry ever conceived” will be back again for its third year, and it is already shaping up to be better than ever. Applications have been rolling in for days, and we’ve got some serious talent lined up to participate. Better yet, the “poetic challenge” included in this year’s application is delivering news of the event directly to the inboxes, Facebook walls, and contact pages of some of the biggest names in kids’ poetry.

Who’s Afraid of a Big Bad Word?

Websters New Universal Unabridged Dictionary Deluxe Second Edition

I reflect on words in general, on the words assigned during the first round of #MMPoetry 2013, and reveal the seeding algorithm that I will use as a guide when assigning word prompts in future #MMPoetry tournaments.