HEY TEACHER! A Poem For 5,000 Voices

classroom activity march madness poetry tournament

Hey teacher! Your students have a message for you this March …

Read, Vote, Win: Register Your Classroom For #MMPoetry Today!

march madness poetry calendar - poetry contest

Calling all classrooms! Earn a chance to win 25 new kids’ poetry books by registering as a March Madness Poetry 2015 official voting classroom! Lots of new things in store this year, and only takes a minute to sign up. Ready … set … go!

Teachers, Will You PLEASE Answer Jane Yolen’s Questions???

Classroom Poetry, Teaching Poetry

During #MMPoetry 2014, in the comments section of one of my reflective posts about voting results, Jane Yolen posed a series of questions that have yet to be answered nearly a year later. Teachers, can you help her out?

Win 50 Kids’ Poetry Books In 50 Milliseconds! It’s Madness!

Covers of FIFTY Kids Poetry Books

For the first time ever, students will have a chance to directly impact the results of #MMPoetry matchups. And those that do will have a chance to win the ultimate kids’ poetry prize — a bookshelf of 50 (FIFTY!) new kids’ poetry books for their classroom!