The #MMPoetry 2014 Authlete Application Window IS OPEN!

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Start dreamin’
Start thinkin’
Start hypin’
Start hopin’
The #MMPoetry 2014 authlete application window IS OPEN!

“The biggest tournament of children’s poetry ever conceived” will be back again for its third year, and it is already shaping up to be better than ever.

Applications have been rolling in for days, and we’ve got some serious talent lined up to participate. Better yet, the “poetic challenge” included in this year’s application is delivering news of the event directly to the inboxes, Facebook walls, and contact pages of some of the biggest names in kids’ poetry.

But BEST OF ALL, #MMPoetry 2014 is going to try to put KIDS front and center during the event. Not only will kids have a chance to directly influence the outcome of each match with their votes, their participation will also net them a chance to win a ridiculously awesome poetry-related prize for their classroom. (I’ll post more details about this idea next week.)

2012 was novel, 2013 was nail-biting, but 2014 is the year that #MMPoetry takes it to the next level.

APPLY TODAY! And after you do, invite your friends, notify your writing groups, and petition your favorite poets to join, too.

#MMPoetry 2014 kicks off with the unveiling of this year’s bracket on Selection Sunday — March 2, 2014.

The first words will be assigned on Monday, March 17th, and the first poems will be up for vote on Wednesday afternoon, March 19th.

Questions? Post a comment or send me a message through the Contact button on the right side of the page.

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  • Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    So exciting!

  • Damon Dean

    It’s gonna be a great MM event! Ratcheted up several notches!