The Slider

Check out the new slider! Sadly, I’m not talking about baseball or White Castle. (Man, I really need to go to White Castle again soon.)

Just curious to know if the slider on the home page is giving anyone any technical trouble. I hope not, as it’s meant to be a cool, convenient way for you to quickly preview and access Think Kid, Think! content.

Please comment below or use the feedback box in the right sidebar (can you still see the right sidebar?) if you are experiencing any issues or if you have any other thoughts on this silly thing.



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  • Joy Acey

    Your slider TAG THINGAMAJIG is fascinating. I spent several minutes playing with your new toy and it worked beautifully for me. I finally figured out to click on one of the words and I got to read your poem. What fun.
    You’re right, if you can do fun things like that for a table of contents, paper books are dead. But, how are we going to make money?