Welcome, Pittsburgh!

I’m returning from my insanely-extended post-Madness Spring Break to welcome viewers of Pittsburgh’s KDKA TV to Think, Kid, Think!

Our March Madness Poetry 2013 champion, Dave Crawley, is on live TV this morning to talk about the tournament and show off the The Thinkier trophy:

The Thinkier

For those who didn’t know, the trophy was damaged during shipping to Dave’s house, so naturally Dave is going to use his TV time to glue the trophy guy’s head back on! On live TV! Kids’ poets are nothing if not practical.

[EDIT: Click here to watch the 5-minute clip!]

For new Pittsburgh readers, thank you for visiting TKT. You can access all poems from #MMPoetry 2013 here and everything else from the menu atop this page. Also be sure to check out my poem “The Fort Pitt Tunnel”. Pretty sure you’ll like it.

Go Pirates! May August and September be kind to you …

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  • http://www.poetrytalents.com Gloson Teh

    Haha. Gluing a head back on LIVE TV is so cool. Way to go, Ed and Dave!

  • http://www.mattforrest.com Matt Forrest

    I’m guessing “epoxy” will be one of next year’s words?

  • http://www.animalhero.com Dave Crawley

    It does rhyme with “moxie”…

  • http://www.cynthiacotten.com Cynthia Cotten

    As well as “foxy” and “Biloxi”… (hi, Dave!)

  • http://www.julielarios.blogspot.com Julie Larios

    Good call, Dave! Send a message to the country at large that it is always better to proceed thoughtfully, with a brain.

  • Ldegman

    Very cool!!

  • http://motherstreusel.com/ Mother Streusel

    Great job, Dave!! Congrats on your awesome victory!