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This Housefly’s Life Is In Your Hands: A Choose Your Own Ending Poem


I follow up on my original “alternative ending” poem with a similarly-crafted “choose your own adventure” poem. Okay, “poem” is a stretch, but it rhymes and you get to vote to decide the ending. Enjoy!

Madness! Poetry 2018 Recap

Madness Poetry 2018 Logo and Thinkier Trophy

Another year, another fantastic Madness! Poetry tournament is in the books! Here’s a brief recap of the event, and a few thoughts on the future.



Ed returns from another year-long hiatus to finally reclaim Think, Kid, Think! as his home on the web. For good this time.

Alternative Facts, Meet Alternative Endings


I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of alternative endings in poems — writing two (or more) endings and letting readers decide which ending they prefer. Is it even poetry? Who knows. But as you do know, I believe strongly in the power of the internet to make questionable poetic choices. So here, amidst chaos here in the U.S. over “alternative facts”, I present to you my first official “alternative ending” poem.